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Bruce Power calls in hawks

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Predator Bird Services is featured in the Londoner

The Londoner Article

Predator Bird Services is featured in the February 2011 issue of Ethanol Producer Magazine

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Predator Bird Services helps the Jebel Lado Project

Predator Bird Services has been volunteering with the Canadian Economic Development Assistance for Southern Sudan (CEDASS) on a venture called The Jebel Lado Project. The main initiative is helping the people of Southern Sudan create a self-sufficient economy by bringing mechanized farming to the area and to teach the local tribes how to farm the land for themselves.

One of the problems they have encountered is crop loss due to birds – this is where Stephen Bucciarelli, President of Predator Bird Services, and some of his employees enter the picture. They will be helping to rid and effectively manage the pest bird populations from eating the crops and will also be making a trip to Southern Sudan to show the Sudanese people how to handle the bird problem they are experiencing. Currently, there is a 70% loss of the crops to avian pests.

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Predator Bird Services Finds Role on the Farm

Read the article at Today's Farmer.

Predator Bird Services on London Tonight

Watch Stephen Bucciarelli, President of Predator Bird Services on a recent episode of London Tonight with Jeff Leeson, London Ontario's only late night talk show.

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Fleetwood Country Cruize-In

Join us for our second year at Fleetwood Country Cruize-In! Last year was a huge hit with thousands of spectators. Show date is June 5, 2010. Time to be announced. We’ll be flying many of our raptors free and they will be available for photos after the show.

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New Contract in Hamilton

Predator Bird Services is proud to have been awarded a contract in Hamilton Harbour with the Canada Centre for Inland Waters, Hamilton Port Authority and City of Hamilton. Running from mid-March to mid-June, the already successful program includes relocating tens of thousands of gulls to alternate nesting sites using our raptors.

Join our Team!

Predator has grown to 12 employees across Ontario and is now looking for assistance in the Toronto, Ottawa and Owen Sound regions. If you have experience working with raptors, we especially want you!

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