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Our trained raptors are an efficient and effective method of clearing bird pests from any worksite so you can experience maximum productivity from your site workers without costly time and machinery maintenance delays.

Check out the videos below to see our birds in action!

All birds caught and chased in these videos were done so under an appropriate Canadian Wildlife Services Migratory Bird Damage or Danger Permit or United States Fish and Wildlife Service Depredation Permit.

Nemo chasing Cattle Egrets

Legs working at an industrial site

Pandora leaving the Eagle Launcher to chase gulls

Chuck chasing gulls

Maverick harassing a vulture

Styx chasing gulls at a landfill

Bats chasing and catching at a landfill (slow motion)

Willow chasing gulls

Buddha flying close

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Due to demand, this service is only available to sites genuinely requiring action.

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