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Predator Bird Services Inc. (PBSI) employs trained falcons to a create hostile environment for avian pests. We clear landfills and agricultural sites worldwide of avian pest issues. PBSI maintains over 80 raptors which use their instincts in these unnatural work sites. According to our existing clients, with our procedures developed by a team of biologists and highly skilled falconers, PBSI trumps all conventional programs in effectiveness.


Due to increased demand, Predator Bird Services has made this highly sought-after service available worldwide. Each program is highly customized to fit the need of each customers’ issue. Through the use of a Massive Action Plan, we will take control of the birds on your site and make them a part of your past. PBSI creates an intensive schedule that follows all pertinent regulations, often having special government permission to complete unique tasks. We do whatever is takes! Our expansive reference list will convey the diversity of projects we work with, illustrating our creativity in solving bird issues on a world-class industrial scale.


Every contractor you hire is of the highest caliber you can afford. You need their work ethic derived from the most intense work experiences in their field. PBSI works in large industrial sites with federal permits to control birds. As a client, you are involved with a very experienced organization. Our licencing goes far beyond the Federal abatement permit, or Commercial falconry Licence. This allows your program to be as powerful as legally possible. Our involvement with wildlife and workplace regulations has enabled us to develop a strict internal health and safety policy, which brings you a bird control program with extremely limited liability. Our experience gained from other projects translates to highly effective work with immediate results.


Each site has its own reason for needing us; complaints from neighbours, image enhancement, disease control, or preventing bird waste on on work equipment. PBSI can take care of every aspect of your program, from talking with neighbours, to arranging housing for raptors. After one of our biologists has completed a breakdown of your site needs, we present a program that would address all concerns relating to birds on your site. Most sites experience NO BIRDS ON SITE within two weeks.


  • What percentage of your revenue is at risk due to avian pests?
  • Who is pressuring you to deal with this problem? (Neighbours, employees, government?)
  • How do these birds tarnish your image?
  • Have you considered falconry but had heard the costs were prohibitive?
  • Have you tried EVERYTHING?

Call us today to see if you qualify
for one week of free service!

Due to demand, this service is only available to sites genuinely requiring action.